39th International No-Dig Mexico 2023

17-18 October 2023

Across Mexico, trenchless projects are completed every day, proving that trenchless techniques provide economic solutions and reduced environmental impact, during the installation and refurbishment of underground services.
Mexico’s infrastructure market is characterised by a strong domestic component along with a robust involvement of foreign firms. The government announced the first phase of an ambitious infrastructure plan for 2020 – 2024, which encompasses around USD 44 billion in spending. This investment in Mexico infrastructure comes mainly from the private sector, with works projects that will include highways, railways, ports, and airports, as well as investments in telecommunications and water.

Explosive new growth in Mexico’s infrastructure is making the country even more attractive for companies seeking success. Over the past decade, Mexico’s manufacturing sector has grown exponentially.

The infrastructure plan also looks to strengthen Mexico’s participation in the trade agreement with the US and Canada, with the idea of reinforcing the strategic importance of productive supply chains, alliances and investments, along with improving border crossings and working with companies of all sizes. Currently many projects are being executed, with more to start in the coming months and will continue into the future covering energy and water management.

Mexico continues to increase its foreign investment. China, US, Japan, South Korea and Europe are among the investors. Popular trenchless methods include but not limited to Microtunneling, Pipe Bursting, CIPP, HDD, Auger Boring and TBM. A number of trenchless companies are based and operate from Mexico City.

The ISTT International No-Dig Mexico provides a multi-track conference program featuring a mix of technical sessions and a platform for the international community to come together to meet, exchange ideas and network with like-minded people.