5-6 March

EUROPEAN NO-DIG will provide a platform for Europe to come together, share, debate and find solutions to many of these challenges.

Bringing European countries together for a common shared benefit is essential in today’s interconnected world. Europe faces many of the same infrastructure challenges.

EUROPEAN NO-DIG will be held on an annual basis. The first event will be hosted in Berlin in March 2024.

European Society Forum

European Society forum will be held as part of European No-Dig. The forum will provide a platform for Societies to meet and discuss topics of shared interest. Each Society will be given the opportunity to put forward topics they would like to be included.

EUROPEAN NO-DIG will target the following from all European countries:

• Municipalities: public works officials, construction and rehabilitation personnel, engineers, senior city staff and elected officials

• Contractors: sewer, water, gas utility, industrial, pipeline, damage prevention and safety

• Consulting Engineers: firms serving the underground infrastructure and industrial markets

• Gas/Electric Utilities: officers, managers, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation personnel

• Pipelines and Energy: officers, managers, construction and maintenance personnel for transmission pipeline construction, rehabilitation and maintenance

• Industrial Facilities: construction and maintenance personnel, engineers and environmental assessment


• Damage Prevention: personnel involved in managing damage prevention and safety issues

Exhibition Showcase

We are excited to present our upcoming table top exhibition showcase. This format offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses to showcase their products, services, and innovations to a targeted audience. Our expo provides a platform for businesses to engage with potential customers, share industry insights and build valuable connections. With a focus on delivering high-quality networking opportunities and a professional setting, our table top expo provides an excellent environment to connect with key decision-makers and industry leaders. The expo provides a cost-effective way to expand your reach, promote your brand and generate leads. Join us for a productive and engaging event of networking, learning and growth.