Energy Tech Day 2020 – 23th of September, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

In the time of pandemic, Energy Industry Review introduces a new conference format. Energy Tech Day 2020 is an exquisite coverage of Oil & Gas Tech and Power and Energy Tech conferences.

Energy Tech Day 2020, the communication platform for senior management and top executives working in the energy industry in Romania, will bring together leading energy experts and highly-skilled professionals to share their experiences on ground-breaking technologies, strategies, and investment programmes. The ‘Role of Oil, Gas and Renewables in a Fastevolving Energy Market Towards Achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development’ is the main theme for this high-level conference slated to be held on 23 September 2020, in Bucharest. Energy efficiency is also a focus area for this event. Energy efficiency is changing, with new digital technologies enabling greater control, optimisation and analytics. Harnessing digital technologies to enhance energy efficiency will require new policies and business models.

Reasons why you shouldn’t miss Energy Tech Day 2020

• Strategy & outlook presentations from important energy players

• Practical case studies & applications across the whole value chain, real-time operations and advanced analytics

• Debates on new business models, emerging technologies and culture change • Advancing the energy transition: the role of digitalization

• Employee engagement trends in the era of Coronavirus